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3 Reasons Why Industrial Ducts Require Customised Fabrication

08 April 2022

Industrial buildings are designed to support businesses that aim to manufacture and store raw materials, goods, and services. These properties often have large spaces to cater to the ever-expanding operation requirements of businesses.

The success of these buildings relies on the efficiency of equipment pieces and employees. Fortunately, they can be achieved through industrial duct systems.

Industrial duct systems are comprised of sturdy components to carry out numerous functions to properties. First, they can transport dust, particles, fumes, and other hazardous elements from air to specific areas like tanks or laboratory hoods. Second, they can serve as the passage for high-quality filtered air from heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. These systems require customised fabrication due to the following reasons.

  1. Varying Purposes

Industrial ducts usually require customised fabrication since each building has its own purposes. Not all industrial properties have to transfer similar materials. The materials these buildings must process have their own set of qualities that can significantly affect the way industrial ducts must be built. Failure to adjust to the properties of the materials may only result in weak and non-functional industrial ducts.

In meeting the purpose of a building, the industrial ducts should have the right material thickness. Their components should also have compatible shapes and lengths to effectively move the materials. The placement of the duct components must likewise be done correctly.

  1. Primary Standards

Another reason why industrial ducts require customised fabrication as they have to follow the set standards of varying governing bodies. The day-to-day operations of each business are governed by the standards and rules of the authorities. Failure to follow these elements may not only lead to hefty fines and violations but also risk the lives of the people inside a building.

For industrial ducts to be precise in moving elements, they must boast materials that adhere to the regulations of the authorities. As building areas become more delicate, their accompanying industrial ducts should also follow stringent guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

  1. Special Requests

One more reason why industrial ducts must be custom fabricated is to ensure that special requests and modifications will be met. Standard industrial ducts can already conduct basic material handling processes. However, they might boast components that are not fit for special industrial operations like ash handling and agricultural operations.

Customised fabrication of industrial ducts can adhere to special requests of various industrial buildings. In handling ash and other similar elements, their ducts can boast components that can resist their hostile properties. Custom coatings can then be applied to support agricultural activities.

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