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Redrock Contracting prides upon its wide range of industrial and commercial services that include complex gas and compressed air installations, air conditioning and mechanical services, car park exhaust ductwork, factory cladding, clean rooms, lab and coolroom installation, industrial and commercial split, ducted and evaporative cooling, roof plumbing and maintenance, and spray booths sales, installations and services in the Melbourne Metro Area.

Complex Gas and Compressed Air Installation

Our professional service spans from over 20 years’ worth of experience in gas and pipework as we specialise in complex gas work, connections on to high-pressure Type B appliances. We also offer LPG gas cylinder setups

Air conditioning and Mechanical Services

Redrock installs, maintains and repairs piping, ducting and equipment for heating, cooling and ventilation of buildings or vessels. We can install pumps services and pipework.

Car Park Exhaust Systems

We take pride in our ability to site measure and install sheet metal ductwork to an extremely high standard.

Duct Work

Sheet metal ductwork is another focus in our business, exposed ductwork installed correctly can be a feature of commercial or retail space.

Industrial and Commercial Split System, Ducted and Evaporative Cooling

Redrock can project manage plant upgrades, replace existing heating and cooling systems or design new solutions for you commercial space.

Factory Cladding, Clean Room, Lab and Coolroom Design and Installation

We take pride in understanding clients’ requirements and creating a new environment in new or old factory spaces by cladding performance panel to crate clean rooms, lab spaces and cool rooms.

Roof Plumbing Repairs, Service Penetration Flashing and Maintenance

Redrock are licensed roof plumbers, although we don’t do reroofing we do offer a penetration flashing service and do maintenance and repairs.

Spray Booth Sales, Installation and Service

With over 15 years in the panel and paint industry, we have built solutions for high workflow areas installing new and relocating second-hand spray booths and painting equipment. Taking care of building works to deliver a turnkey solution.