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4 Important Things to Consider when opting for a Complex Gas Installation

04 November 2021

To date, there are different types of gas installations that can be conducted here in Australia. One known type of gas installation is complex gas installation.

A complex gas installation is a type of gas installation that is done inside the professional chambers or suites, government offices, accountant offices, lawyer’s offices, buildings that sell goods or services to the public, car parks, warehouses, factories, laboratories, healthcare buildings, schools, assembly buildings, and non-habitable buildings. It can also be done in caravans, mobile homes, boats, or any other buildings that require the installation of a type B or a commercial/industrial gas appliance.

The activities involved in a complex gas installation, as its name implies, can be complex and complicated. So, as the owner of the building, you must consider various things first when opting for this type of gas installation.

  1. Gas System Design

One of the things that you must consider thoroughly during a complex gas installation is the gas system design. The installers of the complex gas systems must comply with the requirements set by authorities and officials to avoid encountering any issues. One standard that can help installers come up with an appropriate gas system design is the AS 5601. Through this specific standard, installers can check all essential requirements that must be included in designing a gas system properly.

  1. Licensed Installers

Another thing that you must consider when opting for a complex gas installation is the capability of the installers. Contractors, project managers, and other related people must be able to utilise installers who are licensed and experienced. Complex gas installations must only be conducted by installers who have the right licenses and certifications. Those who have enough experience in doing such works can also be hired, ensuring that the complex gas system can be installed without any problems.

  1. Work Allocations

Complex gas installations may not be done easily. Hence, some complex gas installations would require multiple installers to get everything done. One way to allocate the gas work to various installers is to colour code each installation phase on a master copy of the gas system design schematic. The phases can be grouped according to the internal building boundaries, isolation valves, and flanges. Doing this can help save time, energy, and money. Of course, monitoring and managing the progress of the whole installation must also be done so that everything is in order.

  1. Vital Documentation

One more thing you must consider when opting for a complex gas installation is the collection of vital gas system documentation. Collecting and managing all the documents related to the complex gas installation must be done properly so that you can attain proof that all the installation activities were done by licensed and experienced installers. The presence of the documents can also help determine the necessary things that need to be done once issues arise.

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