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4 Reasons Why Sheet Metal is Used in Creating Ductwork

08 March 2022

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is responsible for controlling and regulating the environmental condition of a property. Through its system components, a building can easily receive the needed temperature for its day-to-day functions. The quality of the air is likewise improved as long as the HVAC system components are cleaned and maintained regularly.

But to make sure that the air from the HVAC system can be transferred effectively to the property, property owners should opt for ductwork. Ductwork pertains to a series of tubes that transport air from the HVAC system to the property. Ducts are often installed within the framing of walls, ceilings, and floors.

A wide array of materials can be used in creating ductwork. But one material that stands out the most is sheet metal. Here are some reasons why sheet metal is often picked in creating ductwork.

  1. Durable

One of the reasons why sheet metal is used in creating ductwork is it is durable. The durability of sheet metal is mainly attributed to its resistance to sunlight, high ambient temperatures, moisture, and other damaging elements. It also has zero flame spread, which means it does not burn or allow flame to spread. With these qualities alone, producing ductwork out of sheet metal can easily make it strong and long-lasting. A sheet metal ductwork can even outlive the property.

  1. Versatile

Another reason why sheet metal is maximised in creating ducts and other ductwork components is it is versatile. Sheet metal is versatile since it can undergo various fabricating processes without affecting its durable qualities. It can even be designed and shaped flawlessly, ensuring that the ductwork components can fit the specifications of a property. Ductwork out of sheet metal can effectively suit the framing of walls, ceilings, and floors without expecting any operational issues or damages.

  1. Accessible

Aside from its durability and versatility, sheet metal is used in creating ductwork as it is accessible. The need for sheet metal has increased significantly over the past few decades due to the emergence of various smart products. Fortunately, the supply of sheet metals can be replenished conveniently thanks to metal recycling industries. Additionally, sheet metals are already available locally. So, opting for sheet metals is much more favourable for ductwork manufacturers instead of importing other materials.

  1. Efficient

One more reason sheet metal is more preferred in creating ductwork is it is energy-efficient. Sheet metals, when processed effectively, can generate ducts and other ductwork components that allow air from HVAC systems to be delivered to the property quickly. Sheet metal ductwork can likewise preserve energy since it offers less resistance to airflow. And if the sheet metal ductwork is installed appropriately, the amount of energy that it conserves can be huge.

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