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4 Signs Your Commercial Kitchen Exhaust System Needs to be Replaced Immediately

10 January 2023

Food preparation, storage, and many more activities are often conducted in commercial kitchens. Hence, they are known to be the busiest areas in food service businesses.

And as chefs and other employees prepare the meals they must serve to the customers, commercial kitchens may be gradually filled up with airborne cooking by-products like grease, fumes, smoke, steam, and heat. Fortunately, food service business owners invest in exhaust system components to effectively remove these by-products.

If your commercial kitchen is equipped with an exhaust system, you can expect its temperature to be regulated optimally. It can also minimise mildew, wall damage, and build-up of odours and grease on surfaces. However, if your commercial kitchen exhaust system manifests the following signs, you may have to replace it immediately.

1. Grease Build-up

You may have installed an exhaust system inside your commercial kitchen to effectively eliminate grease from the surroundings. But, if your system has not been maintained for a long time, you can easily notice the continuous build-up of grease all over your commercial kitchen. And even if you attempt to finally clean the system, it would be challenging even for professionals to get rid of the accumulated grease from its components. To prevent more issues from occurring, you must immediately replace your exhaust system with a new one.

2. Excessive Smoke

Even with an exhaust system, your commercial kitchen may still boast a little amount of steam and smoke from the meals your employees are preparing. However, if you notice an excessive amount of steam and smoke inside your kitchen area, your exhaust system may not be effective in absorbing the said elements anymore. It might have even failed in eradicating the odours of the dishes. Clearing all grease and debris accumulation in the air ducts may help the system work again. But if excessive smoke still exists, you must replace the whole system right away.

3. Noisy Motor

Your commercial kitchen exhaust system is comprised of a motor that works nonstop during its operation. And with the movement of its components, it can often produce a quiet operating sound that does not affect the concentration of the kitchen staff. Now, if your system starts to operate louder than its usual operating sound, it may require thorough cleaning of its motor. Any build-up of grease and other cooking elements should also be removed from its system components. If your system still operates noisily, you must replace it as soon as possible.

4. Frequent Shutdowns

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems maximise components that can operate for multiple years. However, if your exhaust system starts to break down and shut down unexpectedly, you must have it serviced by a professional right away. It may already boast components that are too old for your kitchen operation. Your system might also have parts that become loose due to years of work. But once your exhaust system still breaks down after being repaired, you must replace it with a new one to avoid losing revenues and compromising food quality.

Numerous components of your commercial kitchen exhaust should be fabricated optimally to keep the whole system running. To obtain a quality commercial kitchen exhaust system and other mechanical components, feel free to contact us at Redrock Contracting.

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