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4 Signs Your HVAC Ductwork Needs Urgent Servicing

10 June 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings cannot function optimally if they are not equipped with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. This system is essential to these properties since its components can regulate the temperature of the indoor air. They can also maintain air quality, making the whole place optimal not only for the people but also for the equipment, tools, and other things.

HVAC system components, however, can only provide the needed air if the buildings are equipped with ductwork. Ductwork is comprised of ducts that are designed to transport air from these components. The ducts must be installed strategically to ensure optimal movement of indoor air.

Your building may already be equipped with ductwork. But if it manifests the following signs, you might want to have it serviced right away.

  1. Uneven Distribution of Air

One sign that your HVAC ductwork needs urgent servicing is the uneven distribution of air inside your property. The ductwork of your building is designed to evenly distribute the air that comes from your heating or air conditioning units. Once you notice a huge difference in the temperatures among your rooms and spaces, the ducts may have become damaged. Some may not even be sealed properly, which causes air to leak out and fail to reach its intended destination.

  1. Unusual Ductwork Noises

The ducts on your property are intended to work quietly. After all, they are normally installed on almost all parts of your property. If you or other people constantly hear unusual noises coming from the ducts, they may have attained some problems and issues. For rattling or vibrating sounds, some parts of your ducts might have become damaged. Holes may likewise be present on your ductwork if they continuously produce similar sounds. As for constant loud noises, your ductwork may already possess some holes.

  1. Sudden Mould Formation

Another sign that your ductwork requires urgent servicing is the sudden presence of mould, mildew, and other similar elements. Mould and mildew are elements that can affect not only the appearance of your property but also the health of the people inside. They normally form whenever the temperatures of the building have become uneven. As they grow and accumulate, they mix with the air, which can be harmful to anyone exposed to them for a long time. Ducts may have deteriorated if mould and mildew are present.

  1. Excessive Amount of Dust

As a business owner, you will surely want to clean your building regularly. Hence, you may employ some cleaners who can dust and vacuum the whole place every day. However, if you still notice a lot of dust particles in various building areas, your ductwork may require servicing right away. Ducts filled with cracks, flawed seams, and holes can effectively allow dust particles to infiltrate these areas and mix with the released air. Servicing them can prevent dust from making your property dirty.

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