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4 Tell-tale Signs Your Heating and Cooling System Needs Immediate Replacement

25 October 2022

Heating and cooling systems provide tons of benefits to commercial and industrial buildings.

For one, these systems can ensure that their spaces can maximise the right air temperature. Outdoor temperatures change frequently. With the said systems, it would be easy for employees to work and become productive since the air temperature in their workspaces will be optimised. Another benefit of heating and cooling systems is they can make commercial and industrial buildings to be free from any disease. System units can be integrated with some filters to ensure that the air they produce does not have any contaminants and pollutants.

These benefits, however, can only be attained if these systems are still in great condition. Hence, if your heating and cooling systems manifest the following signs, you may have to replace them right away.

1. Deteriorated Appearance

One sign your heating and cooling systems need urgent replacement is the presence of deteriorated appearance. When operating these systems, it would be crucial for you to have them checked and maintained regularly. Doing this, after all, ensures that their components will remain intact. It can also prevent elements from damaging their surfaces. But even with regular upkeep, your systems may still acquire some physical damage like rust on their surfaces. If the rust has already reached internal system parts, you have to replace them right away.

2. Strange Noise

Heating and cooling systems have internal components that move constantly during their operations. So, you can expect them to generate some faint humming sound once they have been switched on. But if the noise that comes out of these systems is somehow too loud, they might have already obtained some issues. Some components of your heating and cooling systems may have acquired damage if they generate a buzzing or hissing sound, which can be effectively resolved through their immediate replacement.

3. Unstable Temperatures

The sole purpose of your heating and cooling systems is to provide the needed temperatures for a property. If they cannot generate your desired temperatures even after long hours of operation, they might need to be replaced right away. One potential reason behind their failure to provide optimal air temperatures is the age of their components. They might also provide the wrong air temperatures if their heating or cooling capacity does not match the space available for the building. They may also fail due to clogged filters, cracked ducts, and motor damage.

4. High Energy Bills

The energy costs of running heating and cooling systems are expected to be high. But if your energy bills continue to increase drastically, you may have to replace these systems. Your heating and cooling systems’ operations may change depending on the season. Some months can lead to higher energy bills and vice versa. However, once you spotted a consistent increase in energy bills for months, some of your system components may not be efficient anymore. This issue often occurs on outdated and aged heating and cooling systems.

If you require urgent replacement of your heating and cooling systems, you can contact us at Redrock Contracting so you can already maximise your building to its full potential.

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