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5 Elements to Consider when Choosing the Best Coolroom for Your Business

12 April 2021

Coolrooms are cold storage spaces that can store and preserve the quality of food products at a uniformly cool temperature. Several businesses that are involved in serving or selling food products often utilise these storage spaces since they can cater to a huge quantity of products. These storage spaces are likewise maximised as they can operate at varying temperatures that are needed by the businesses.

But coolrooms can only be effective if they have all the right specifications and qualities that are needed by a business. After all, coolrooms can boast different sizes, energy ratings, and features that can be helpful for specific businesses and their respective facilities.

To obtain the best coolroom for your business, then here are 5 elements that you should consider.

  1. Volume and Capacity

Coolrooms are designed to preserve food products. However, the quantity of the products can hugely affect the cooling performance of coolrooms. If your coolroom is deemed to be too small, your products may be confined too close to each other, which would only prevent the cold air to flow properly. Too large a coolroom, alternatively, would only result in expensive cooling costs. To choose the correct coolroom capacity, you must determine the number of products that will go in and out of your storage every day.

  1. Temperature Range

Aside from volume and capacity, another element that you must consider when choosing the best coolroom for your business is its temperature range. One type of coolroom has a temperature range of +3°C to +12°C, which is already enough for storing vegetables, cooked meats, dairy products, and sauces. A coolroom that has a temperature range of -3°C to +4°C, alternatively, can store fish and meat products. Coolrooms with a temperature range of -16°C to -22°C, ultimately, can store solidified products.

  1. Energy Rating

Conventional coolrooms are known to be not efficient when it comes to energy consumption. A lot of them have components that can spend a lot of energy even if their operations are still at a minimum. Modern coolrooms, alternatively, have components that make them efficient despite running for a long time. Some of the components that are included in coolrooms today are LED lighting and underfloor heaters.

  1. Automation Feature

One more element that you should consider when buying a coolroom for your business is the presence of automation. Automation can be beneficial for coolrooms since it can streamline the use of energy. It can likewise enhance the performance and productivity of the coolroom by producing pattern investigations, alert logs, runtime reports, and admin information. All this crucial information can help maintain the efficiency and profitability of your business in the long run.

  1. Safety and Warranty

The presence of safety and warranty on a coolroom is crucial to make it repairable if ever there are problems that may come up. If the manufacturer or provider of your coolroom offers these elements, then you are guaranteed to have a coolroom that will work optimally for years to come. The money you have spent just to buy your coolroom may come in handy with the inclusion of these features.

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