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A Quick Overview of Roof Penetration Flashing and Maintenance Services

11 October 2021

One main component of properties that must be maintained regularly is the roof. Roof plays a huge role in properties since this part can protect the people and other things inside from outdoor elements. It can likewise house a wide array of systems that are deemed useful for the daily operations of properties.

The ability of the roof to house different systems like heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting is made possible thanks to the presence of roof penetrations. Roof penetrations, as their name implies, are breaches on the roof part so that system components can go through them. They may likewise be fitted with fixtures and features to improve the working conditions of the properties.

Some notable roof penetrations are pipes, chimneys, exhaust fans, air conditioning units, and vents.

The Effects of Roof Penetrations

While the installed system components, fixtures, and features on the roof part are deemed useful for properties, the penetrations made to fit them can yield various effects on the roof structure.

You see, a roof can only carry out its protective functions if it is completely sealed. Once penetrations are made, one problem can occur. The punctures made on the roof system can permit rain, wind, and pests from entering the property, especially if they are not sealed properly. Once these elements enter the vicinity of the property, they may gradually damage the interiors. They might even affect the stability of the property once they have infiltrated its structural components.

Aside from incorrect sealing of the roof penetrations, issues associated with roof penetrations can also occur due to two more mistakes. First, the roofing contractor has utilised pitch pockets, which are not advised anymore. Second, the sealing of penetrations was done by a non-professional roofing contractor.

Best Ways to Seal Penetrations

A roofing contractor that is reliable can carry out roof penetration flashing and maintenance services in just a short time. They likewise know the best ways in sealing the roof penetrations.

One of the best ways of sealing roof penetrations is to track down the source of the leak. Most of the time, the leaks in the roof would originate from roof penetrations of vents, chimneys, and other similar features. Once these parts have obtained some mould, stains, and marks, they certainly need immediate sealing. Small leaks, unfortunately, can be hard to pinpoint. Fortunately, they can still be located by the contractor by checking the drywall and the insulation on the attic.

Once the culprits of the leaks are located, the contractors can now start covering the holes. The roof flashing installation can help direct the water away from walls, chimneys, and other roof parts and property vulnerable to leaks. The roof of the property, however, can only be protected throughout its operation if the roof flashing is maintained and replaced regularly.

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