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Achieve Proper Ventilation of Your Car Park by Installing a Car Park Exhaust System

16 December 2021

Most commercial and industrial buildings nowadays possess car parks into their main design to make sure that anyone can park their vehicles. Through car parks, people who will be working inside or visiting the buildings do not have to park their cars in a far parking space.

While car parks mostly cater to the parking needs of the people, they still have to be maintained by the owners of the buildings. You see, car parks cater to a lot of vehicles every day. And as vehicles enter the vicinity of these parks, they are expected to emit and produce smoke, toxic fumes, and flammable gases. Without proper ventilation, these harmful elements will circulate endlessly inside the car parks, generating health risks and other dangers on the buildings.

Harmful Effects of Car Emissions

Vehicles, as mentioned earlier, emit and produce smoke, toxic fumes, and flammable gases whenever they are being utilised. As they enter the car parks, they are expected to release these elements to the place. Without proper ventilation, these elements will just stay and circulate.

As these car emissions become part of the car park atmosphere, various health effects can be experienced by people who will be entering the car parks. Exposure to harmful car emissions can cause people to develop lung infections and complications. Breathing difficulties, asthma, nervous system damages, and heart disease are some more potential effects of prolonged exposure to car emissions.

Car Park Ventilation is Necessary

Given the harmful effects of car emissions, car parks should be ventilated properly. If you are currently managing a car park, then you should make sure that it is equipped with the right ventilation system.

Through car park ventilation, all dangerous gases and fumes that come from the vehicles can be removed effectively. Once people have parked their cars, they do not have to worry about inhaling toxic elements after getting out of their vehicles. Car park ventilation also allows you to comply with the legal requirements of the state. As per AS/NZS1668.2:2012, your property must limit the concentrations of carbon monoxide to the levels set by the National Health and Medical Research Criteria.

Installing a Car Park Exhaust System

Aside from carbon monoxide, your car park should be able to get rid of sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides, and other heavy metal compounds. The removal of these elements, fortunately, can be done through installing a car park exhaust system.

A car park exhaust system boasts designs that cater to the needs of a car park. Most of the time, however, this system would maximise extract fans, jet fans, or induction fans in eliminating toxic elements and smoke from vehicles. It also maximises ductwork so that the elements can be eradicated flawlessly.

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