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All the Things You Should Know About Spray Booths before Installing One

06 January 2022

Business owners who intend to apply paint on surfaces of products should invest in a space that can help them carry out the said process. Some would often opt for an open space to do this specific activity. Others, alternatively, would invest in a spray booth to conduct the spraying process.

Going for the latter option has been known to be a better choice for businesses since spray booths are purposely designed to control the application of spray paint. Investing in and installing spray booths, after all, can help businesses that intend to process automobiles, construction equipment, furniture, metallic structures and frames, and machine parts to be safe and cost-effective.

If you intend to invest in, choose, and install spray booths for your business, here are some things that you should know about them.

Primary Parts of a Spray Booth

A spray booth typically consists of components that can make it safe and cost-effective. These components include an exhaust system, filtration system, walls, doors, and air makeup unit.

The purpose of an exhaust system in a spray booth is to ensure that pollutants and other dangerous elements will be removed from the said place. The filtration system, alternatively, ensures that the air being released outdoors will be non-toxic. It also makes sure that the air entering the booth will be free from dirt and debris. Filters on this system must be replaced regularly to maintain proper airflow.

The walls inside the paint booth may boast various designs and colours. However, they are recommended to be coated in white so that workers can easily see the progress of the spraying process. Doors can then help the spray booth maintain adequate sealing to prevent elements from entering. An air makeup unit, ultimately, stabilises the pressure levels in both the exterior and exterior of the booth. It often interacts with the intake and exhaust systems to carry out its purpose.

Spray Booth’s Primary Benefits

With the existence of the previously stated components, a spray booth can easily contain airborne particles, dust, and other elements that may be generated out of the spraying process. As these elements are contained, the exhaust and filtration systems make sure that the environment inside the spray booth will be regulated and kept safe. The containment of the particles can likewise yield better spray finishes. But even with these working principles, anyone who will be entering the booth is still recommended to wear protective equipment and follow all the rules stated by authorities.

Choosing the Best Spray Booth

When choosing the most appropriate spray booth for your business, you must first make sure that you find the right booth manufacturer and installer. Working with a reliable company can ensure that your specifications and requirements will be met without any issues. Once you have found a reliable booth manufacturer and installer, you must set the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend in installing and operating the spray booth. Ultimately, you must determine the maximum size and quantity of products that will be processed inside the spray booth to avoid any problems along the way.

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