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Cladding Performance Panels and How It Protects Industrial Buildings

04 December 2023

Cladding Performance Panels

Get to know how cladding performance panels can safeguard industrial buildings. Performed by Redrock Contracting, explore its benefits. Call 0499 002 771.

Industrial buildings are the backbone of manufacturing and production. To ensure uninterrupted operations for these properties, their structure and components must be durable. They must also be equipped with the right amount of protection. Cladding them with performance panels can help achieve these goals as they can safeguard these structures very well.

The Key Purposes of Cladding

Cladding is the application of a protective layer or covering to the exterior surface of a building or structure. Its main purpose is to protect it from environmental elements such as weather, moisture, wind, and temperature, while also enhancing the building’s appearance.

Many materials can be used for cladding. They include wood, metal, vinyl, brick, stone, and composite materials. The choice of cladding material depends on the building’s design, the desired aesthetic, and the functional requirements like insulation or fire resistance.

Cladding Performance Panels

Performance panels are engineered products that can be used in construction, cabinetry, furniture manufacturing, and other applications where structural strength, durability, or specific performance characteristics are required. Cladding performance panels to industrial buildings can be beneficial for property owners due to their following characteristics.

• Weather Resistance: Performance panels can act as a shield against harsh weather conditions. They prevent rain, snow, and wind from infiltrating the building, ensuring a controlled environment inside. This protection is crucial for sensitive industrial processes and equipment.

• Thermal Insulation: Industrial processes often operate in specific temperature ranges. Performance panels offer thermal insulation, which can help maintain the desired temperature within the building. This quality reduces energy consumption and operational costs.

• Fire Resistance: Fire safety is a vital concern in industrial settings. Performance panels with fire-resistant properties offer an added layer of protection, containing fires and preventing their spread.

• Corrosion Resistance: In environments where chemicals and corrosive substances are present, panels that resist corrosion are essential. They protect the building’s structure and extend its lifespan, minimising the amount of money needed for its repair or upkeep.

• Structural Support: Cladding performance panels can provide additional structural support to the building. They distribute loads and enhance the overall structural integrity, ensuring the building can withstand heavy equipment and machinery.

• Noise Reduction: In noisy industrial settings, performance panels can act as sound barriers, reducing noise pollution both within the building and in the surrounding environment.

• Aesthetic Appeal: Performance panels are available in various finishes and colours, improving the visual appeal of industrial buildings. This characteristic is essential for businesses looking to create a positive image or meet specific architectural requirements.

• Easy Maintenance: Performance panels are relatively low maintenance. They are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. Their protective properties can likewise reduce maintenance, energy, and repair costs while ensuring the uninterrupted operation of industrial processes.

Cladding performance panels to industrial buildings is integral to their protection and functionality. The ability of the panels to shield against the elements, provide thermal insulation, and offer structural support ensures the smooth operation of industrial processes. By working with Redrock Contracting, you can attain the right panels for your industrial building, maximising the efficiency of your facilities.

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