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Complex Gas Installation Services in Victoria: Why Safety is a Priority?

26 February 2021

Domestic and light commercial properties can all maximise standard gas installations to obtain their needed plumbing and gas fitting works. Properties that can utilise this type of gas installation include caravans, mobile homes, buildings that are identified as Class 1a buildings under the Building Regulations 2006, and residential properties that are identified as Class 2 buildings under the same Building Regulations of 2006. All the works must be conducted by licensed gas professionals.

Licensed gas professionals must also be hired when conducting plumbing and gas fitting in industrial, commercial, and public premises. However, these mentioned places must now be subjected to complex gas installation services as they require more close attention to avoid compromising safety.

Essential Principles of Complex Gas Installation

Complex gas installation services can be done to a lot of properties and premises. Properties that are within a class 5 and 6 premises can maximise complex gas installation services, as long as their total gas consumption of the appliances exceed 750 megajoules an hour, the pipe length from the gas supply joint to the farthest appliance exceeds 50 metres, and/or the buildings exceed 3 storeys.

Complex gas installation could also be done if the installation is within a caravan, mobile home, or boat that consumes gas more than 750 megajoules an hour or has a pipe length of more than 50 metres from the gas supply point to the farthest appliance.

Properties such as small guesthouses, boarding houses, buildings for accommodating unrelated people, professional chambers or suites, lawyer’s offices, government offices, accountant offices, service stations, restaurants, shops, car parks, warehouses, factories, laboratories, healthcare buildings, schools, sports complexes, bus or railway stations, and other similar buildings must all undergo complex gas installation.

Buildings that have a Type B appliance should also utilise complex gas installation. Type B appliances are appliances that do not have any certification scheme and consume gas of more than 10 megajoules an hour. These appliances need to have special certification before they can be installed and used.

Complex Gas Installation Must Be Done Safely

To make complex gas installation safe, an Application for Acceptance of Complex Gas Installations and Type B Appliances should be submitted first to the Energy Safe Victoria (ESV). ESV should also accept the application first before proceeding with the said gas installation. After all, ESV only wants to ensure that all new and existing gas installations will be safe and can meet the requirements set by the authorities. The application must be legally done and submitted by licensed gas professionals to avoid any accidents or other issues that may arise along the way.

The use of new Type B appliances should likewise be certified first by the ESV. An acceptance is also needed for Type B appliances that have been modified or relocated. Failure to do all these necessary steps can result in consequences and offence.

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