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Evaporative Cooling Services: Best Places to Use Evaporative Cooling in Your Industrial Plant

01 June 2023

Evaporative cooling can help industrial plants veer away from conventional air conditioning, which can be costly, ineffective, and harmful to the environment.

Many industrial plants rely on conventional air conditioning in making their rooms and workstations cool. They also maximise this type of cooling solution to ensure their equipment pieces and machines do not overheat.

But advances in technology have pushed more and more industrial building owners to opt for evaporative cooling units. These units rely on evaporative cooling, a process wherein water is utilised to cool down the air. This process does not require refrigerant and other components that can normally be seen in air conditioning units.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling Units

Evaporative cooling units boast several benefits that other cooling solutions cannot provide. Some of their benefits are as follows.

• Energy Efficient: Evaporative cooling units require less energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems since the energy they need to evaporate water is significantly lower than the energy required to compress and cool refrigerant.

• Improved Air Quality: Evaporative cooling units take advantage of fresh outside air, which can improve the overall air quality inside an industrial plant.

• Better Productivity: By maintaining a cooler and more comfortable environment, evaporative cooling units can help improve employee productivity and reduce the risk of heat-related illnesses. They can then reduce downtimes that can ruin overall production.

• Low Operating Costs: The lower energy consumption of evaporative cooling systems means lower operating costs. Moreover, evaporative cooling units are often less expensive to install than traditional air conditioning systems.

• Environmentally Friendly: Evaporative cooling systems are more environmentally friendly than traditional air conditioning systems because they do not use refrigerants that can be harmful to the environment.

Proper Places for Evaporative Coolers

To ensure your industrial site will be cooled effectively, here are some areas or places in your building that can take advantage of evaporative cooling units.

• Manufacturing Areas: Manufacturing areas often generate a lot of heat due to the use of equipment such as ovens, furnaces, and machinery. This heat can make it uncomfortable for workers and affect productivity. Evaporative cooling units can be used in these areas to lower the temperature and maintain a comfortable working environment. They can also reduce the risk of equipment failure due to overheating.

• Warehouses and Storage Areas: Warehouses and storage areas can become very hot during the summer months, making it uncomfortable for workers and can also lead to the deterioration of goods and materials stored in these areas. Evaporative cooling units can be used to lower the temperature and maintain a more consistent temperature throughout these places, which can preserve the quality of the stored goods and materials.

• Loading Docks: Loading docks can become very hot and uncomfortable on hot days, making it tough for workers to perform their duties effectively. Evaporative cooling units can be used in these areas to effectively improve productivity.

• Machine Rooms and Control Rooms: Machine rooms and control rooms contain sensitive equipment that can be affected by high temperatures. Evaporative cooling units can be used to maintain a consistent temperature in these areas, preventing equipment failure and reducing maintenance costs.

Evaporative cooling can be used in a variety of areas within industrial plants to provide a cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling solution. By using evaporative cooling, you can maintain a comfortable working environment for your employees, preserve the quality of stored goods and materials, prevent equipment failure, and improve productivity and employee morale.

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