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Exhaust Systems Installation: Emphasizing the Importance of Proper Ventilation Car Parks

11 October 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings are often integrated with car parks to accommodate customers, employees, and employers who bring cars to these properties. And as long as these car parks are cleaned and maintained, business operations inside these properties can proceed without any issues.

But one aspect of car parks that must be considered heavily is ventilation.

The Main Problem with Car Parks

You see, cars and other vehicles emit exhaust gases as they operate and run. Once they enter the car parks, they emit tons of these gases inside the said places. Without proper ventilation, these gases would just accumulate inside the car parks, which could eventually cause harmful effects on people exposed to them for a long time.

Car parks that do not utilise ventilation systems will only end up getting bombarded with combustion products that can be harmful to the environment and the people inside these places. Some combustion products often emitted by cars are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and hydrocarbons. Vehicles can also emit particulate matter, soot, and ozone to the car parks.

The build-up of these elements inside the car parks can make these places vulnerable to fires. They can also affect the health of anyone who might repeatedly inhale huge amounts of the previously stated elements.

Key Types of Ventilation Systems

To prevent these elements from building up and causing harm and danger to people, property owners should maximise and install an effective ventilation system in these places.

One type of ventilation system that property owners can maximise is the traditional system. This system utilises ducts to remove fumes and smoke from the car parks. These ducts are often installed on the ceiling and are dropped low to extract smoke.

Jet fan systems are another type of ventilation system that car park owners can maximise. This ventilation system utilises fans found in central shafts and is directed outside. Once the smoke has been detected, the fans are slated to operate, removing it without any delay.

Of course, car parks that have been designed optimally may be expected to utilise natural ventilation. These car parks rely on natural air to ventilate the whole place. Natural ventilation, however, may not be effective for underground car parks.

Car Parks Need Proper Ventilation

If you are currently managing a car park, acquiring or installing a proper ventilation system ensures that the place will not maximise tons of harmful car emissions. Proper ventilation also protects your car park from fire risks. The health of those who are in car parks regularly is likewise maintained and protected from the effects of car exhaust elements.

To further protect your car park from these elements, you may want to utilise a carbon monoxide monitoring system. This system can help regulate the operation of your ventilation system, allowing the latter to only operate whenever necessary. The installation of this monitoring system can help cut energy costs and save some money.

If you want a high-quality ventilation system in your car park, you must contact us at Redrock Contracting so we can help you obtain one. We take pride in our ability to site measure and install sheet metal ductwork for your car park’s ventilation system to an extremely high standard.

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