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How Do Car Park Exhaust Systems Help in Maintaining Car Park Ventilation?

10 May 2021

The majority of the cars, trucks, and other vehicles today rely heavily on fuel to power up their engines. And as many people know, vehicles that combust fuel can generate emissions that can be harmful to the environment. Some types of emissions that come from vehicles include nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, particulate matter, and other volatile organic compounds.

As these emissions circulate the air, people who are exposed to this type of environment can obtain serious health issues. Some may get neurological and cardiovascular problems, while others may acquire respiratory or immune system damage.

Given the effects of car emissions, those who manage car parks often utilise exhaust systems to keep their places safe. With these systems, car park ventilation is known to be maintained optimally.

The Importance of Car Park Ventilation

Car parks are expected to house many vehicles every day. Therefore, they must possess systems that can ensure optimal ventilation of the whole place. With car park ventilation, any build-up of toxic fumes and elements can be prevented. Even the flammable gases from vehicles can be eradicated, helping car owners feel safer even if they will be leaving their vehicles for a long time.

Aside from preventing the build-up of fumes and flammable gases, car park ventilation can also help in clearing the area during a fire incident. Since these elements are not contained in the car park anymore, the fire will not easily spread and cause catastrophic explosions.

Utilising Car Park Exhaust Systems

To ensure that optimal car park ventilation will be achieved, property owners should turn to and install an effective car park exhaust system on their properties. Through the car park exhaust system, any smoke that is present inside the premises will be extracted immediately. Fumes and other particulates that can cause harm to the cars and the people on the property can likewise be removed by the same system.

Most of the time, car park exhaust systems use powered fans to regulate the amount of fumes and other particulates in the car park. These fans typically make sure that these elements will not exceed the concentration limits. They can likewise ensure that the smoke will be extracted regularly. And for these systems to be effective in any situation, they are typically fire-rated and can resist other elements.

Car park exhaust systems, fortunately, can work with natural ventilation. Car parks that can maximise open-air layout can take advantage of both natural ventilation and mechanical extraction from exhaust systems. Underground car parks, however, would only rely on exhaust systems for their ventilation.

Exhaust Systems at Redrock Contracting

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