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How to Choose the Best Split Air Conditioning Unit for Your Commercial Establishment?

29 April 2021

Commercial establishments typically cater to businesses that offer products and services to people. And since customer experience is essential to sustain their daily operations, owners of different establishments should ensure that their places have features that can create a good environment.

The Importance of Air Conditioning System

One of the features that these establishments should have is an efficient air conditioning system. The existence of a reliable air conditioning system allows both employees and customers to feel much more comfortable and relaxed. It can also create an environment that is healthy and free from non-essential elements. The productivity of employees and staff can be likewise improved through the air conditioning system. Customers are ultimately enticed to enter and come back again thanks to this specific system.

To achieve an efficient air conditioning system, owners of commercial establishments often turn to split air conditioning units. This type of air conditioning unit has two individual components – one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor component has the distribution and filter parts, while the outdoor component has the compressor and condenser system parts. What makes split air conditioning units beneficial for businesses is that they often run quietly and can cool multiple spaces without any compromises.

Choose the Best Split Air Conditioning Unit

When choosing the best one for your commercial establishments, here are some of the factors that you should look into:

  • Unit Size: One of the key factors that you should consider in buying split air conditioning units is their size. It is important that your air conditioning units can truly operate optimally and provide the needed cooling of your business space. To find the right size of your unit, you must find the sum of the floor area of your property, the height of the ceiling from the floor, and the total number of people who will be at the establishment. The greater the sum, the bigger the unit you actually need.
  • Features: Another factor that you must prioritise in choosing your units is their features. Some features that they should have are reverse cycle function, air purifier, odour removing function, and sleep mode. The reverse cycle function can provide both heating and cooling whenever they are needed. Air purifier, alternatively, can prevent dust, bacteria, and other particles from ruining your air quality. Odour removing function is also a must since it removes foul smells and odours. Sleep mode, ultimately, allows your units to save energy by hibernating every time they are not needed.
  • Efficiency: A factor that is often neglected when choosing split air conditioning units is efficiency. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your units can be gauged through their energy ratings. If they can work optimally without costing too much energy, then you can expect significant savings when it comes to your energy bills. Obtaining units that have good energy ratings allow your establishment to attain good air quality and cooling functions without spending a huge amount of energy and money.

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