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How to Choose the Best Spray Booth for Your Business?

14 July 2022

A spray booth is a specially designed enclosed or open-faced area filled with various spray equipment pieces and tools intended for the spray application.

The primary purpose of the spray application is to add a protective coating or layer for the surfaces, especially those that can be prone to corrosion and other damages. Through a spray booth, only the parts and products inside the enclosure will be coated. A spray booth can likewise guarantee uniform, quality results and cleaner, healthier surroundings.

If you want to maximise the right spray booth for your business, there are some things that you need to consider thoroughly. Some of these things are as follows.

Enclosure Setting

One of the things you need to consider in choosing a spray booth for your business is its enclosure setting. To date, there are two enclosure settings that you can choose for the spray booth. These settings are open-faced and fully enclosed spray booths.

An open-faced spray booth is perfect for your business if you paint components not part of the automotive industry. This type of spray booth utilises an integrated extraction wall, which can help remove paint overspray and contaminants in a short time. The design of this booth can likewise guarantee excellent protection and ventilation from overspray. This kind of spray booth is usually maximised for painting furniture, cabinets, small and bulky equipment pieces, and many more.

A fully enclosed spray booth, on the other hand, is the optimal option for your business if you are part of the automotive industry. This type of spray booth, as its name implies, does not have any opening. Its design allows you to minimise the amount of dirt, debris, and dust inside the booth as it is often paired with an intake filter. It can also have heating systems and automation features that can enhance the productivity of your employees and minimise mistakes.

Distribution of Air

Aside from enclosure setting, you must also consider the distribution of air. There are four ways in which air can move inside the spray booth.

The first one is the cross draft. With a cross draft spray booth, the air is expected to move horizontally starting at the front of the booth and flow over the product or part before reaching the filter bank in the booth rear. The second one is semi-downdraft. A semi-downdraft spray booth generates air in diagonal patterns, transferring overspray and contaminants to the side of the booth. The air inside this spray booth may hit downward, exposing an object to an unwarranted amount of overspray.

The third one is the side draft. A side draft spray booth brings in filtered air through the ceiling. It then extracts the air through the workspace’s sidewalls, ensuring that the object will not be exposed to overspray and contaminants. A downdraft booth spray, ultimately, allows the air to run straight down from the ceiling to the floor area. This booth spray type is best for automotive businesses since overspray and contaminants will always be pulled downwards during spraying applications.

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