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Industrial Split System Installation by Redrock Contracting for Cleanrooms

22 February 2024

industrial split system installation

Optimise your cleanrooms with industrial split system installation by Redrock Contracting. Enhance climate control and air quality of your space. Call 0499 002 771.

Many industrial buildings take advantage of cleanrooms to enhance their operations. These spaces are controlled environments that are specifically designed to minimise the presence of airborne particles, contaminants, and pollutants to specific levels. They are vital for industries where even minor contamination can affect and compromise their processes or products. Some industries that take advantage of cleanrooms are electronics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Operational Requirements for Cleanrooms

Cleanrooms’ critical environment requires precise climate control and air quality management. One thing that can be done to meet these requirements is to install industrial split systems.

Industrial split systems are preferred for cleanroom applications due to their versatility, efficiency, and reliability. Consisting of indoor and outdoor units connected by refrigerant lines, they allow for flexible installation configurations while providing powerful cooling and heating capabilities.

Of course, industrial split systems can only work optimally if they are installed by experts. We, at Redrock Contracting, understand the unique requirements of cleanroom environments. Hence, we can design and install these systems with full consideration of their specific cleanliness classes and operational needs. We can also maximise the right split air conditioning units to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry standards.

The Integration of Industrial Split Systems

Once integrated into cleanrooms, industrial split systems can easily provide the following advantages to industrial buildings.

•  Customised Solution: We, at Redrock Contracting, work closely with clients to develop customised HVAC solutions that meet the unique requirements of their cleanrooms. We select the appropriate system capacity, ductwork configuration, filtration options, and control strategies to achieve precise environmental control.

•  Precise Temperature and Humidity Control: Maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels is critical in cleanrooms to prevent condensation, minimise electrostatic discharge, and ensure the integrity of sensitive processes and products. Our industrial split systems are paired with advanced temperature and humidity control features, allowing them to provide the precision necessary to meet the strict requirements of cleanrooms.

•  Compliance with Regulatory Standards: Our expert installation of industrial split systems ensures compliance with relevant regulatory standards and guidelines governing cleanroom environments. By adhering to these standards, cleanroom facilities can meet regulatory requirements and ensure the safety and integrity of their operations.

•  Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Once installed, industrial split systems require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure continued reliability and performance. We often provide maintenance contracts and support services to help cleanroom operators optimise system performance, troubleshoot issues, and address any maintenance needs promptly.

•  Scalability and Adaptability: Industrial split systems offer scalability and adaptability to accommodate changes in cleanroom operations, such as expansion, reconfiguration, or technology upgrades. We can design systems with modular components and flexible configurations to accommodate future growth and evolving requirements.

When it comes to industrial split system installation for cleanrooms, investing in quality equipment and expertise is essential to achieve reliable and consistent performance. By partnering with us at Redrock Contracting, cleanroom operators like you can ensure that their facilities meet the highest standards of cleanliness, reliability, and regulatory compliance.

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