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Installation of Non-Combustible Cladding Panels in Plants and Factories

26 March 2021

Plants and factories are buildings that often deal with the manufacturing of products by utilising different types of complex machines. With the use of many machines during the manufacturing processes, these buildings must be created with structural materials that are durable enough to resist damaging elements. One of the materials used for constructing plants and factories is cladding panels.

Cladding panels are used to create a reliable cladding system for the safety of plants and factories. These panels are known to provide effective thermal insulation and weather resistance. They must also have qualities that would protect them from igniting, burning, or combusting throughout their service life.

Non-Combustible Cladding Panels Key Characteristics

Cladding panels, particularly those that are non-combustible, are recommended to be utilised in plants and factories due to their accompanying key characteristics.

One of the main features of non-combustible cladding panels is that they can resist the effects of fire. These cladding panels often follow building regulations and codes that would help them withstand burns, combustions, and other consequences of fire. So, even with a fire nearby, these cladding panels will not easily allow heat and smoke from entering or damaging the plant or factory.

Another key characteristic of non-combustible cladding panels is that they have excellent wall insulation values. The installation of these panels as part of the whole cladding system allows plants and factories to remain their indoor temperatures at a recommended level. Even with extreme temperatures outdoors, the machines used can maintain their operations optimally without the risk of overheating. The work condition and environment of employees are also maintained effectively.

And although non-combustible cladding panels do not have to bear the load of roofing or flooring, the presence of these panels can already be useful in bearing the load of structural framing. These panels can even be integral to the overall appearance, waterproofing, and ventilation of plants and factories.

Importance of Cladding Panels in Plants and Factories

The installation of non-combustible cladding panels in plants and factories can provide tons of benefits to the said properties. One of the most useful benefits of these panels is that they can maintain the safety and protection of the whole property. Even though these cladding panels are exposed to a lot of elements like extreme temperatures, moisture, and moulds, they can easily resist most of their damaging effects. Even chemical and air pollution can be rejected due to the inclusion of these panels.

Another benefit of installing non-combustible cladding panels in plants and factories is that they can ensure minimised maintenance throughout their service life. These cladding panes only require regular washing to maintain their overall qualities and looks. And even with continuous exposure to elements, they are expected to last for a long time due to their durable properties. Regular washing can also maintain the overall looks, colour, and finish of these non-combustible cladding panels.

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