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Leading Causes of Ductwork Damage and How It Could Affect AC Performance

08 September 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings can only work effectively if they are equipped with fully functional air conditioning units. Air conditioning units, after all, help these properties retain cosy temperatures for the comfort of employees. The cold air from these units can also negate the heat released by various equipment and machines.

But to make these units more effective, they should be connected to ductwork. Ductwork is vital to air conditioning units since the ducts are the ones distributing the cold air to rooms and spaces of these buildings. Aside from air conditioning units, ducts can also help heating and ventilation units carry out their operations optimally.

Ductwork Damage Leading Causes

With the continuous operations of these buildings, some ductwork could eventually get damaged. Some of the leading causes of ductwork damage are as follows.

• Mould Build-up: One leading cause of ductwork damage is mould build-up. The air that comes from the air conditioning units would often be cold and free from harmful elements. But if these units are not maintained regularly, they will certainly release cold air full of dirt, particulates, and moisture. Once these elements pass through the ducts repeatedly, they will eventually cause moulds to build up until they damage them completely.

• Critters and Insects: Critters and insects can also cause the deterioration of the ducts. Ducts are designed to be secure from outdoor elements. However, they can still be infiltrated by critters and insects as they enter other openings that lead to the ductwork. Once they are inside the ducts, they can eventually damage them. The air quality of affected properties may also deteriorate quickly.

• Routine Impacts: Most ducts are exposed to various parts of properties. Hence, various impact forces can affect them throughout the operations of these buildings. The more impact these ducts would attain, the higher chance they acquire significant damage. Some effects of these impacts include leaks and dents.

• Poor Maintenance: One more cause of ductwork damage is the lack of proper maintenance. Maintenance must be done regularly to make sure that the ductwork will remain functional all the time. Failure to clean and maintain the ductwork accordingly will lead to damage. It can also lead to more health issues for building occupants.

AC Performance will Greatly Suffer

Without resolving the damages obtained by the ductwork, the performance of the air conditioning units is expected to suffer greatly.

Ducts with corroded surfaces, mouldy components, and open areas can surely make the air conditioning units perform inefficiently. Since the cold air keeps on leaking, these units do not have a choice but to exert more effort just to meet the cold temperature requirements of the properties. The presence of openings can also allow heat to enter the ducts, making it difficult for the air conditioning units to provide consistently cold air to rooms and spaces.

The air quality from air conditioning units can also be affected negatively by damaged ducts. Ducts that have been damaged due to the build-up of mould, pollutants, and other harmful elements will only make the air quality poorer as compared to before. As the ducts distribute bad air, occupants may suffer from various health effects.

To ensure that your air conditioning units will perform optimally inside your building, you must subject your ductwork to regular maintenance. Fortunately, we, at Redrock Contracting, can carry out ductwork repairs that can be beneficial for a lot of property owners.

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