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Let Redrock Contracting Install Your Pumps and Pipework

01 December 2022

Commercial and industrial buildings rely on a wide range of equipment and systems to optimise their daily processes and operations. Some of the things that are installed in these buildings are pumps and pipework.

One set of pumps that are often used in these buildings aims to circulate hot and cold water. Other pumps, alternatively, are meant for irrigation or pressure boosting. Some pumps are also used in transferring liquid substances so they can be processed or removed. Pipework, alternatively, is comprised of pipes that serve as the main pathway for water, fluids, and other similar elements being transported by the pumps.

If your property is not yet equipped with the right pumps and pipework for your operations, you may want to hire us at Redrock Contracting. Here are some reasons why should let our professionals handle the installation of your pumps and pipework.

Correct Specifications

One of the main reasons you should let us install your pumps and pipework is we can ensure that they boast the right sizes and specifications. Your pumping and flow requirements may be different from other buildings. Without considering this difference, your pumps and pipework may be sized erroneously, which may only lead to unnecessary breakdowns and emergency downtimes. Opting for our services can ensure that your building will be equipped with pumps and pipes sized based on your operation needs.

Ensured Operations

Pumps and pipework may be sized and installed optimally. However, if they do not work and operate, you will be forced to hire some professionals again just to fix them. Hiring our team at Redrock Contracting, fortunately, can help you acquire these elements without worrying about their operations. Our pumps and pipework are guaranteed to work based on your expectations. And most of the time, they can operate without any issues. If ever they have encountered some issues, we can gladly service them free of charge.

Efficiency Guaranteed

Working with professionals when selecting and installing pumps and pipework is much better than doing these things on your own. Picking these things without accounting for their compatibility and working principles may only take a toll on their energy consumption. Most of the time, failure to match them may result in more energy use, which can then increase the total amount of energy bills every billing period. Opting for our help, on the other hand, can guarantee you increased efficiency as we match the best things possible for your building.

Provided Warranty

Giving us a call when choosing and installing pumps and pipework on your property can help you attain ones that work well with your building. Hiring us, additionally, can provide you with pumps and pipework that are covered by a system warranty. Once we fail to set their operations optimally, we can service them free of charge. The same thing can be provided if they fail after a couple of months since your service fees already include their warranty coverage. Hiring us, therefore, is your best option when it comes to installing these things.

If you need help with the installation of pumps and pipework on your property, feel free to contact us at Redrock Contracting.

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