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Professional Gas Line Testing Methods

14 September 2021

Gas lines in properties are typically designed to transport highly combustible and flammable gases to various equipment pieces and appliances. Once these things receive an adequate quantity of gases, they can subsequently convert the gases into a fire.

Now, since these gases are known for being combustible and flammable, they can start a property fire if the gas lines are not maintained properly. Without proper maintenance of gas lines, they may eventually cause and generate gas leaks.

To avoid the development of gas leaks and their accompanying problems, property owners like you should have their gas lines tested and inspected.

The Importance of Gas Line Testing

Gas line testing is crucial for your property due to a couple of reasons.

With the application of heat and other elements, the gases may eventually start a property fire, risking the lives of people on the property. A property fire can likewise generate damages on the whole structure of the property and all the things found inside it. Through gas line testing, the components of the gas line will be checked, ensuring that gas leaks and other gas-related issues are not present.

Gas lines that are leaking or have some issues may also pose some risks to one’s health. Breathing in the gas fumes for too long can be hazardous, which can damage the lungs and other parts of the body. If someone in your property likewise inhales the gas fumes directly, then they might experience carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas line testing prevents these things from happening.

One more reason why gas line testing is vital for your property is that it can help save your resources. Gas lines that have some leaks and other issues would only generate a huge amount of bills since the gases are continuously consumed even if they are not being utilised properly. Gas line testing will make sure that the gases will only be consumed whenever they are needed.

Various Gas Line Testing Methods

Professionals who conduct gas line testing would often carry out internal field pressure tests once new pipelines are installed. But to ensure that the lines will be ready for the main test, they would typically conduct some early procedures first.

One of the procedures that they would do is to adjust the tension equilibrium of the gas lines so that the pressure in the gas line system drops. The vital components of the system are then pumped by a piece of machinery to conveniently recover the lost pressure. Once the gas line is stabilised, the main test will then start. Throughout the said test, the pressure within the system is expected to drop, which means that the pumping mechanism of the machinery is not needed anymore.

Internal testing procedures, alternatively, are done to check the internal condition of the gas line system. But before professionals can proceed with the testing, they must check the status of flap traps and relief components. Valves located near the end of the gas lines are likewise assessed so they can easily prevent high-pressure issues. After inspection, the lines can now be filled to their lowest level before applying pressure to the system slowly.

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