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The Importance of High-Quality Spray Booth Technology

26 May 2021

Motor vehicles, aircraft, and other similar types of products that need some new paintwork can easily maximise the existence of spray booths. Spray booths are enclosed spaces that can carry out paintwork and other related services. Spaces like these must be able to conduct the said works without any issues to ensure that the vehicles can acquire high-quality results and conserve their overall value.

The effectiveness of spray booths can be determined by the presence of specific features and technologies. Owners of spray booths who may attempt to cut corners may expect a substantial hit, generating vehicles and aircraft with inaccurate colours and distracting paint patches.

Components of a Spray Booth

So, what makes a spray booth great?

The number one consideration when it comes to constructing a spray booth is its environment. It must be free from dust and other particles, ensuring that they will not affect the paintwork. A spray booth that does not have these particles can likewise ensure that the whole paintwork can be done successfully, instead of conducting the whole process again due to the presence of dust on the surface of the vehicles.

Aside from ensuring the absence of particles, a great spray booth must ensure that any toxic fumes that may be released during the paintwork will not harm the people inside and the environment. And these factors can be achieved if suitable paint booth walls and doors are installed. High-quality lighting and ventilation must also be present to complement the walls, doors, and other paint booth components.

What makes the lighting vital to spray booth spaces is that it can provide great assistance to the whole paintwork process. Poor lighting inside the spray booth will only generate bad results and incur much more expenses. High-specification lighting, alternatively, can help in producing great results right away.

The Spray Booth Technology

But apart from lighting, a spray booth can only be great if it has the correct spray booth technology. Since toxic fumes can be generated out of the paintwork process, the spray booth technology allows these fumes to be disposed of correctly and prevents them from blending with the fresh air. With the presence of an efficient spray booth technology, the evaporation rate that may be present during the paintwork process can be reduced by 75%. The uptime for the paintwork is likewise expected at a whopping 100%.

Some spray booths can utilise an intake plenum, which is a mechanism that can introduce fresh air into the spray booth. An exhaust plenum can also be present to capture particles from the air that is gathered inside a spray booth before releasing them into the atmosphere. An air make-up unit, alternatively, ensures that the temperature can be controlled inside the spray booth. It can likewise replenish fresh air inside the spray booth without drawing air from the said space.

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