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VBA Essential Safety Measures Enhancement Program for Maintenance Contractors

23 October 2020

When conducting and doing installation and maintenance work, companies and their respective service contractors should follow safety standards to effectively secure an environment that is safe for everyone. After all, the integrity of numerous residential and commercial buildings relies heavily on the way contractors would conduct their installation tasks and upkeep-related activities.

Importance of Following Safety Standards

Safety standards in the workplace are typically outlined by authorities. These institutions ensure that any life hazards or property damages are alleviated. So, once they have identified or received some reports regarding workplace violations, they will not hesitate to investigate the incident and slap heavy penalties to companies that would be found guilty of not complying with basic regulations. Given this situation, it would be truly best for maintenance contractors to just follow safety standards.

Another reason why maintenance contractors should follow safety standards is that they can easily prevent injuries and illnesses in their workplace. Most of the safety standards are intended to prevent anyone from getting exposed to dangers around the workplace. These standards likewise allow personnel to work effectively and efficiently since they do not have to constantly worry about being injured or hospitalised while they focus on their assigned tasks.

And if the maintenance contractors will follow safety standards all the time, they can easily expect faster completion of projects. Following them will make sure that no one will get injured or acquire some illness. As a result, all tasks that are needed in the workplace will be done by contractors without any setback.

A Program on Essential Safety Measures

Given the importance of safety standards, it would be important for maintenance contractors to strictly follow them. However, it was recently revealed that the design, approval, installation, and maintenance of essential safety measures (ESMs) in residential, commercial, and other types of buildings are constantly met with some issues and drawbacks. Supported by numerous data and information, the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) now has a wider grasp of the contractors’ true performance and compliance of ESMs as well as their associated impact on the public safety and the reputation of the building industry.

To resolve these issues, VBA is now developing and moving towards the establishment of the ESM Enhancement Program. This program is primarily comprised of initiatives and guidelines that will address public safety, promote the significance and effectiveness of ESMs, and improve the competency of contractors. The main purposes of this program are to actively promote the importance of compliance, boost the competency of contractors who have to follow ESMs, and improve the industry assurance activities that are set by the legislative framework of Victoria.

This specific program and its key deliverables will be researched, developed, and finalised by various authorities, associations, communities, industry partners, and governing bodies. It is expected to be released later this year and work side by side with the Building Act.

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