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Compressed Air Installation Services in Melbourne and their Primary Industrial Applications

24 January 2023

A wide array of systems can be found inside industrial buildings. Most of them can help these buildings maintain safety and security. Others, alternatively, are meant to power up tools and equipment pieces so they can carry out crucial industrial processes.

One system that a lot of these buildings maximise is the compressed air system. A compressed air system is a network that produces energy from gas molecules, which are often transported through an engine or rotor. The energy produced from this system can be used to provide power to tools like drills, wrenches, air hammers, and many more.

Compressed air systems are crucial to many industries since they can increase productivity and improve the precision of various power tools. They can even eliminate human error and increase the speed at which products move and are produced along assembly lines.

Primary Uses of Compressed Air

The compressed air itself can be maximised by many industries in powering their tools and equipment pieces. Some tools that can be powered by this type of air are pneumatic tools, packaging and automation equipment pieces, and conveyors. One common thing about these tools is can be manoeuvred optimally. They can also provide great control and options over speed and torque. Another thing that is common about air-powered tools is they do not generate sparks, allowing them to be safer than other types of tools.

As for the processes, compressed air can be used by industries in carrying out oxidation, fractionation, cryogenics, refrigeration, dehydration, aeration, and filtration. Some more uses of compressed air include conveying, clamping, stamping, bottling, vacuum packing, sawing, hoisting, injection moulding, cooling, and texturizing.

Industries Using Compressed Air

Many industries use compressed air in carrying out their daily operations. Some of the industries that take advantage of compressed air are as follows.

• Automotive: This industry uses compressed air to power pneumatic tools needed for vehicle construction and repair. The adoption of compressed air allows the industry to complete tasks without consuming too much time and effort. Some compressed air operations of the automotive industry are tool powering, stamping, forming, and conveying.

• Pharmaceutical: Cleanliness and precision are crucial when it comes to this industry. Fortunately, compressed air can be used for tools that are in charge of making medicinal pills and tablets. Tools used in the industry can portion ingredients based on their formulas. They can also harden and coat medicines.

• Food and Beverage: Food and beverage industry also maximises compressed air to carry out many applications such as moving products along assembly lines, packaging products, peeling and cutting products, inserting fillings into products, cooling products, and many more. Compressed air, after all, can ensure that the tools can work quickly and easily without compromising uniformity.

Other industries that take advantage of compressed air are manufacturing, agricultural, woodworking, metal fabrication, and power generation industries.

Set-Up Compressed Air Systems

If you need help with the installation of compressed air systems, feel free to contact us at Redrock Contracting.

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