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Main Reasons Why You Should Hire Professionals for Complex Gas Installations

08 June 2021

Professional gas installations are important to ensure that the properties will be safe from damages. They likewise help people avoid getting injured or any other serious health issues due to improper installation of gas fittings and other related components. Risks of fire, gas poisoning, and other potential issues are also mitigated with the help of professional installers of gas.

To date, multiple types of gas installation can be conducted in different properties. These types include standard gas installation and complex gas installation.

Standard and Complex Gas Installations

Standard gas installation is a type of installation that is conducted within residential premises, buildings with more than one dwelling, buildings that are connected to a shop, professional chambers or suites, lawyer’s offices, government offices, accountant’s offices, buildings that sell goods or services, caravans, mobile homes, boats, and other similar properties. As long as they do not exceed 3 storeys and only utilise type A gas appliances, then the standard gas installation is good for them.

Complex gas installation, on the other hand, involves the installation of gas fitting within professional chambers or suites, lawyer’s offices, government offices, accountant offices, buildings that offer goods and services, caravans, mobile homes, boats, small guesthouses, boarding houses, car parks, warehouses, factories, laboratories, healthcare buildings, non-habitable buildings, and other similar properties. These buildings must utilise complex gas installations if their total gas consumption of the appliances exceeds 750 megajoules an hour, if the length of pipe from their gas supply to the furthest appliances exceeds 50 metres, if they go beyond 3 storeys, and use Type B appliances.

Type A appliances refer to domestic and light commercial type appliances, while Type B appliances are appliances that consume gas more than 10 megajoules an hour.

The Necessity of Hiring Gas Installers

Complex gas installations can be complicated and risky. Therefore, professional gas installers must be hired to ensure the safety and security of properties.

Professional gas installers must be hired as they can carry out numerous tasks accordingly. For one, they can install gas systems, appliances, and equipment in compliance with the set regulations and safety requirements. They can also make sure that their installation proper is conducted safely and professionally. They can likewise provide a Gas System Compliance Certificate as well as affix a Gas System Compliance Plate for any gas system or part of a gas system that they have installed. Ultimately, they can detect any defectsor safety concerns regarding the gas systems and appliances.

Installers of complex gas systems should have all the required licenses and certifications to conduct the installation works. Those who may found installing gas systems without these requirements can be punished by law and appropriate offences will be givento them.

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