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Major Issues Caused by Poor Roof Plumbing

12 March 2021

One critical part of properties that must be installed and maintained properly is the roof plumbing. Instead of taps and other similar regular plumbing fixtures, roof plumbing is comprised of gutters, downpipes, spouts, roof flashing, rainwater tanks, and other similar fixtures. The main purpose of these fixtures is to prevent water from coming inside a property and drain it off the roof.

As the roof plumbing prevents the water from coming inside your property, the main structural integrity of your property is guaranteed to be preserved fully. But once your roof plumbing does not function properly anymore, you may expect some major property issues that can affect you and others significantly.

Some of the major issues that can be generated by poor roof plumbing are as follows:

Damaged Gutters

Gutters are vital to a roof plumbing network since they can guide the rain and stormwater off the roof and send them away from the foundation of your home. However, if they are continuously blocked with debris and other outdoor elements, they will certainly lose their ability to channel the water away. Worse, it could lead to the development of mould and mildew as well as damages to walls, ceilings, and other roof plumbing fixtures. The gutters themselves may likewise obtain serious damages and cracks.

Ceiling Problems

One part of your property that can be certainly affected by poor roof plumbing is the ceiling. Since it is the closest part to your roof plumbing, you can expect it to be bombarded with issues that you must not ignore. With poor roof plumbing, there is a great chance that it can create internal water damage, which may happen once the water from the plumbing crawls and amasses into your ceiling. Over time, the water build-up on this area can damage your ceiling, leave distinctive marks, and cause the whole part to sag.

Structural Issues

Aside from damaged gutters and ceiling problems, the entire structural integrity of your property can also be affected by poor roof plumbing. As the rain and stormwater fail to leave your roof, it may certainly flow towards areas in your property that cannot sustain its effects in the long run. If there are areas on your property that are made from wood, then they would surely be weakened and damaged along the way, compromising its overall safety and structural integrity.

Mould and Mildew

Another major issue that can be caused by poor roof plumbing is the growth of mould and mildew. Mould and mildew develop and grow rapidly in specific conditions. As the roof plumbing fails to channel the water correctly, it may cause your ceiling and other surfaces to stay wet, which would then allow mould and mildew to grow and spread rapidly. With the continuous growth of these elements, they can easily cause respiratory health problems once inhaled by the people inside your property.

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